BLK Braided LYN
BLK Braided LYN
BLK Braided LYN

BLK Braided LYN

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Infused with a proprietary formula that's applied before the 8 strands are intertwined. This gives you a perfect balance between a malleable yet rugged braided LYN.

Whether you're flipping, frogging, or fishing anything in heavy cover, the less the fish pay attention to your LYN the better. A charcoal black B81 Coated 8 Strand Braided LYN will ensure your rod or reel fails before your LYN will. Smooth off the spool, but brutally strong when it counts.  

What is B81? B81 is a coating we apply during the weaving process. This gives B-Strand a unique feel off your spool while adding better abrasion and strength performance by 10% over other lines in the same diameter. This is one of those things you have to cast and feel for yourself to truly feel the difference. 

Standard Spool - 200 Yards

Bulk Spool - 1000 Yards

LB Test MM Inch
9 LB 0.12mm 0.004 Inch
15 LB 0.14mm 0.005 Inch
40 LB 0.28mm 0.11 Inch
50 LB 0.32mm 0.12 Inch
65 LB 0.4mm 0.15 Inch
100 LB 0.6mm 0.23 Inch


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