NF Braided LYN
NF Braided LYN

NF Braided LYN

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Something completely new to the industry. We have solved the longest-lasting problem when it comes to braided fishing line...

No longer will you look down and see two different shades of lines you reel in. NF Braid Stays true to its color time after time on the water giving you the same performance and durability you expect from a fresh spool.

Too good to be true? We have had anglers testing this product for months without even a smidge of coloration loss. One spool and you will see the difference. Performance and color retention you have never seen before. 

Throw away your permanent marker. Those days are over. Whether you're flipping, frogging, or fishing anything in heavy cover, the less the fish pay attention to your LYN the better. A charcoal black B81 Coated 8 Strand Braided LYN will ensure your rod or reel fails before your LYN will. Smooth off the spool, but brutally strong when it counts.  

Standard Spool - 200 Yards

Bulk Spool - 1000 Yards


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