CLR Fluoro
CLR Fluoro

CLR Fluoro

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When you think expensive fluorocarbons you think of words like soft, castable, forgiving, see-though. Unfortunately, you also think of a giant price point. This is what we set out to change with our CRL Fluorocarbon.

You shouldn't have to contemplate re-spooling your setups vs getting an entirely new rod or reel. After all, all fishing line has a shelf life. How long of a shelve life depends on the use and the user. Sun, extreme temperatures, and things like backlashes take a toll on line vs the angler who fishes a few times a season and brings his gear indoors after every use. Regardless of how often you spool your reels, you shouldn't have to feel bad while doing it. 

Standard Spool - 200 Yards

Bulk Spool - 1000 Yards

LB Test MM Inch
9 LB 0.26mm 0.010 Inch
12 LB 0.29mm 0.011 Inch
15 LB 0.33mm 0.012 Inch
18 LB 0.37mm 0.014 Inch
21 LB 0.41mm 0.016 Inch


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